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Q1Plus,Incredible High-speed and Fluency

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Stressed "simple and convenient"

Promote "industry initiative"

Characterized by "colorful and ultra long"

This is too absurd, this must use of video splicer." People feel incredible when they first heard "65536X65536" ultra long cascade. " Check the following projects:

71 meters long led display in Pudong International Airport; 93 meters long P6 full color led display in a bar of Quanzhou; 290W pixel long led display in a shopping mall of Yunnan Province;  181 meters led curtain screen in a KTV of Hangzhou. All these projects are used Q1 sync&async led display controller. Q1Plus is the update version of Q1, which has some improvement in hardware and software.


181 meters led curtain screen in a KTV of Hangzhou.


Q1Plus is compatible with all kinds of led modules. Q1Plus supports single, double and full color led display modules with regular IC or PWM IC.

Q1Plus can play 60Hz HD video. And Q1Plus has two options for storage 4GB / 8GB, greater storage, more exciting.

Asynchronous controller system is always slow in sending program, and has bad effects on word moving. Don’t worry now. Q1Plus can solve these problems. Sending speed of Q1Plus is 2.5 times faster and word left shift effect promote is 5 times than before;