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LISTEN SPORTS BOARD IN New York City Times Square

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LISTEN SPORT is being shown on the massive video screen in New York Citys Times Square with Qiangli to show the excellent style to the world

Recently, LISTEN SPORTS and Qiangli made their appearance on the Nasdaq massive video screen in New York Times Square. This appearance shows the world the outstanding style of Chinese national enterprises,  " to show friends around the world of Chinese national business excellence.

 This is the second time that LISTEN makes appearance with Chinese dream, brand dream and corporate dream on the Nasdaq massive video screen.

· As we all know, New York Times Square is known as the "crossroads of the world", where there are thousands of advertising screen. One of the most dazzling is undoubtedly the massive led screen on Nasdaq building. It is the weather vane of international business trends, representing the infinite success and wealth. Even if the audit is critical and expensive, the advertisement on Nasdaq billboards is the dream of all enterprise. This time the appearance of LISTEN and Qiangli symbolizes LISTENs strength, popularity and brand influence.

Shanghai Listen Sports Culture Co., Ltd belongs to Shanghai Listen Vision Technology Inc. It is supplier who focuses on sports solution including sports event devices, sports visual system and technical service. Its scoring and timing system, event live system and event instant replay system have been applied in different major sports event in China and abroad. Besides Listen Sport is also committed to provide system customized research and development to meet customer’s need.Listen Sports will participate in events like Asian Games, Asian League, and Asian Championship. Cooperate with some famous international sports companies and rely on the LED industrial advantages to become an international well-known sports event system and service supplier. The sports event will be more fascinating with Listen Sports!

This time LISTEN and Qiangli stand in the "crossroads of the world" hand in hand.  LISTEN forges ahead on the road to deepen LISTEN brand. We believe that LISTEN will get somewhere in 2017 .