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LISTEN Vision LS-Q3 lighten the future light

New generation of intelligent street lamp can perceive the weather, temperature, humidity, illumination, PM2.5, noise, rainfall, wind speed, traffic information. Whichcombined withthe function oflighting, energy saving,data acquisition andforward, WIFI, etc.

This "magic lamp", the magic lies in each light pole is connected to WIFI network, not only has the lighting and energy conservation ,but also collecting, gathering and forward all kinds of information to the media of big data platform.

So it realized the intelligent urban management, intelligent transportation, intelligent sanitation and networking technologies .

This means that, based on intelligent street lamp of wireless network,free WiFi will coming soon . 

Project name:Intelligent street lamp

Full color screen: P3 (double sided)

Size parameters: 256 * 384 pixels

Control system: LS - Q3 full-colorHD LED media player

The LS-R301-50 receiving cards

Control mode: double sided for repeat cascade

Wireless platformforcluster management