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LS-Q3 for Bank interest rates LED display

Bank interest rates screen as a new media,which is more easier to attract people's attention, informative, updating, have very good effect on advertising and notices. Bank interest rates LED screenwith LISTEN LED display controller is more easier to use advertising media,what’s more, many different kinds of effectavailable,the informationcan be updated at any time .

Now theLEDdisplayscreen hasgradually accepted by the masses because of cheap price , simple installation,which has been used many stores and commercial square.

Bank LED screen can beused as a new notice board,which can displaypreferential propaganda and promotion information, etc. 

Bank Intranet cluster managementproject in full colorLEDdisplayin the province

Zhengzhou bank P5 full-color cluster management project

Size: 6Square Meters

Control system:LS-Q3C

Control mode:Cluster management forall screens in theentire province by bank network