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Wireless products G2-GPRS

1. The software no need to choose model;
2. Support DIY LOGO when power on ;
3. Support USB-disk to read back the parameter ;
4. Unique preview window can be separated ;
5. Concise and beautiful new UI design, more easier and flexible to use ;
6. Support regional automatic alignment, support regional adsorption function;
7. Naming can quickly know supported height;
8. T series(with LAN ports) control card support LAN, WAN communication, support cluster control;
9. Compatibile with most USB disk,long communication distance (U disk extension distance up to 10 - 15 m);
10. Support wide voltage 3.5 V-6 V , support stable work during 40 ℃-85 ℃ ;
11. Support M10 led module ;
12. WIFI controller support PC, android, IOS system, support cluster management;
13. GPRS controller without configuration, B/S architecture without software, through WEB platform to update ;
14. GPRS controller support the weather forecast , automatically updated every day;
15. Bank proprietary software, adaptive screen size, hierarchical management authority;
16. All series controllers supports secondary development;