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It is amazingly easy for you to share your favorite games, videos and photos across your devices . Forget about mazes of tangled wires, plugs that dont fit and squeezing behind the LED display to look for a USB connection. The Wireless Display technology of video processor 1000U (referred to hereafter as VP1000U) lets you share your content over the air, in vivid HD, with virtually stutter-free quality.

VP1000U has six video inputs, three video output, one audio output, and  supports U disk to play video. What is different with VP1000 is that VP1000U supports wireless display to the LED screen both in Android/IIOS system, that means, only with a smart-phone, can you exhibit images, video, even games on designated LED display, such as rental performance, theatre performance, or exhibition, etc.

From the small screen to the big screen in a flash

Give your videos the big-screen treatment! Connect the VP1000U with your laptop or smart-phone via embedding Wi-Fi of VP1000U, or connect U disk with VP1000U through U disk interface , then sit back and enjoy your movies in big, brilliant HD.

Simplified setup, immersive experience

Simplified user interface make each button clear and easy to operate. When displaying a full screen image or video, high-definition resolution and rapid refresh rate make you immersive to the science.

VP1000U comes already installed with Android and IOS you can start sharing right away. It’s just one of the many ways that VP1000U bring you incredible new experiences.Come and find more interesting and practical functions!


Four signals output  simultaneously

Seamless switch